About Us

Why a Good Resume?

The Purpose of the Resume is to Get You an Interview.

A Resume is a medium for advertising yourself as the best choice candidate to a prospective employer.

According to various studies, Recruiters spend an average of Eight seconds reviewing an individual resume.

Why Only Us?

Various resume writing services are available online and are mostly “General resume writing services” which hires mostly content writers who dish out a general format for all levels, functions, and sectors as they do not have real time experience of hiring and working with technically qualified professionals from the Industry.

A General resume writer is simply not in a position to understand the terminology, keywords related to technical or professional profiles. Ask a General resume writer the difference between Mw scale or Kw scale solar plants or what is PMP, Scada, Primavera, Hub and Spoke model, OHSAS Series and you would be surprised!

Then how about getting your resume written by somebody who understands the requirement of the job you are targeting and who is in the same position as the person who would be shortlisting your resume.

Our Hiring Managers are HR and hiring managers from Infrastructure sector who write a tailor-made resume for the job you are targeting whether in BD, Project Management, Design, Electricals Civil, Tendering, Estimation & Billing, O &M, HSE, HR, F&A etc.

Who should you now choose for writing your resume? An experienced Hiring Professional or a General Content Writer.

Why hire a Professional Writer?

Eight Seconds is not a lot of time at all to create a first impression on a piece of paper.

Business professionals invest in Mortgage Brokers when they are seeking to purchase a property, a Real Estate Agent when they wish to sell a property and an investment Banker for guidance and support on where to invest their money so why not choose a Professional Resume Writing Expert to assist you in getting a role that would pay for all of these things?

Hiring and engaging with a Resume Writing expert who really understands the importance of a Resume and addressing the key selection criteria of a role and a company culture. Why would it not be important to invest a small amount in your job application to that perfect role?